New Arrivals!

What’s not to love about a hearty beef roast that’s been cooking itself, unattended, in your trusty slow cooker all day long?

As the temperature drops, I think we all expect to be a little less busy. For us, there are less new-born calves arriving, no hay to cut, the lawn stops growing at an incredible rate, the garden is barren, the hens stop laying as much; everyone pretty much hunkers down and gets ready to bear the cold. However, instead of looking forward to extra time to enjoy hunting season or curling up on the couch to watch the ‘Skins play, things seem to always creep up and make us as busy as the middle of hay season. In this case, we rely on our slow cooker probably more often than we’d like to admit. For this reason, we have stocked up on delicious bone-in chuck roast and sirloin tip roast! These big boys are ready to swim in some warm gravy amongst carrots and potatoes for hours and hours while you run after the kids, go out for a hunt, decorate for Christmas, then come back in for a nice, warm meal ready to go for you and your family.

Check out our new arrivals HERE !

Don’t forget, we are still having a Christmas special on Whole Bone-In Prime Rib , only 18.99$/lb! While supplies last!

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