Beef Coming Soon & Giving Thanks

Turkey is in the brine, pumpkin pie is in the fridge, thick socks and hand warmers are set out for tomorrow morning’s hunt, and we are ready for Thanksgiving. While your family and friends crowd the kitchen, yell at the football game, and eat way too many appetizers before the meal you’ve cooked, remember to take a deep breath, look around, and give thanks to the quality time this holiday provides. If the sweet potato pie marshmallows catch fire (not that I know from experience) or you forget to take the rolls out to thaw (again, not from experience), keep in mind what Thanksgiving is all about. Your family will forgive you…eventually.

At Hayfield Farm we are thankful for each other, this great country, a wonderful community, and the opportunities our family before us has provided.

In other news, we have some delicious beef cuts coming in! Gather round, get approval from your spouse, and order yourselves up some cuts for Christmas, New Years, or Wednesday. First up, we have New York Strips, which will be new to our line up. We will also be stocking up on filets, flank steaks, tri tips, chuck roasts, and organs (heart and liver). We will also be adding a page about the different cuts, recommended methods of cooking the cuts, and we may throw some recipes in there, too! So keep an eye out for that.

Our new arrival and restocked cuts and prices will be available on our Beef Cuts Sheet by Monday (11/26)! Don’t forget, we’ve added some hearty roasts to our sheet, as well!

We are getting low on our Whole Bone-In Prime Rib, be sure to order yours soon to get it in time for Christmas & New Years!

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