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Good evening y’all,

One of the main objectives of Hayfield Farm is bridging the gap and creating a more direct connection between farmer and consumer. This is accomplished by doing our part to grow our business so you all know that we are here and that we are able to provide the meat you need, when you need it. This is also done by ensuring our quality exceeds the standard, as well as making it affordable for you to put fresh, high grade meat on your table. In addition, being transparent about what livestock we have, how we raise them, what they eat, what we strive for in our finished product, among many other things, is a top priority for us.

We’ve updated our HOME page to give you the information you need on these topics to make a decision for you, your family, and your taste buds!

That being said, we are real people on the other end of this seemingly endless digital world and we want to answer any questions you have! Don’t know the best way to cook a prime rib or what the heck a Denver steak is? Ask us! We’ve created this website based on what our community has requested from us and we are committed to continuing that model.

Have a good night!

Hayfield Farm

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