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Ribs, Full Tenderloin, and Pooches

Hey y’all! Just in case you missed our Facebook post and happened to mosey on over to our website while you are sipping hot cocoa and snuggled up with your pooches, like we are, we have some new cuts coming in! And, when we say snuggle we mean close by but still a safe distance away from the strings of slobber and kibble toots. Gotta love dogs!

Anywho! We have two delicious cuts that will be here any minute! Beef short ribs and a full beef tenderloin. Our short ribs will come in 2-ish pound packs and are ready to go on your grill (BRRR!) or in your slow cooker for a warm, saucy meal. The ribs are 8.99$/lb. For those of you that have been requesting ribs, they will be here for a limited time!

Our full beef tenderloin will be about 3-4 pounds and is quite an impressive cut of meat. We figured we would provide this option around the holidays as it can be a gorgeous centerpiece to your meal. Some people choose flowers and candles, we choose meat. This full tenderloin is ready for you to cut into your own custom filets or to leave whole and roast for your dinner table. Our tenderloin is 16.99$/lb.

As always, message us on Facebook , email us at hayfieldfarmfauquier@gmail.com, text or call us at (540) 226-7001, send us a smoke signal or just drive by and shout out your order! We’ll be happy to help you with anything you need!

Merry Christmas, y’all!

-Hayfield Farm

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