Hayfield Farm Packs are chock full of fresh-from-the-butcher cuts at a discounted rate.
These packs are split up into themes and include a hand-picked variety of the freshest cuts we have from our most recent pickup from the butcher.
Providing these options allows our customers to get a great value of meat, without committing to an entire cow or pig, or choosing just one cut at a time.

Make Your Oven Jealous – $250

Could Include a Variety of: Ribs, Steak, Pork Shoulder, Brisket, Ground Beef
$300 VALUE

Farmer’s Choice – $200

Hand-picked from Farmer Dylan, himself. A variety of his favorite beef and pork cuts.
$250 VALUE

Come & Get It – $250

Beef & pork variety cuts hand-selected for a family of 4
$300 VALUE

Seared Steer – $150

Steaks & Ground Beef
$200 VALUE

Smokin’ Sow – $100

Pork Shoulder & Ribs
$150 VALUE

Rise & Shine – $100

Bacon, Sausage, & Eggs
$150 VALUE

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