On Hayfield Farm, we maintain a small flock of a variety of laying hens. We have a multitude of breeds to get a very colorful egg basket. As a reminder, our livestock are never treated with antibiotics or hormones. Our flock is on an all-natural feed, tons of kitchen and garden scraps, and are occasionally supplemented with vitamins and electrolytes in their water to keep them nice and healthy, especially during very hot or very cold months.

Our farm fresh, all-natural fluffy butt nuggets are available for 2$ for a half dozen or 4$ for a full dozen.
Typically, our eggs come unwashed, which means you can counter store them. Not washing eggs allows them to maintain the “bloom”, which is the natural, protective layer that the hen produces around the egg. This shields the shell’s pores and prevents any bacteria from getting inside the shell. Nature intended for the bloom to protect the peeps when the hen sits on the eggs for almost a month to hatch them. By not washing them, the egg won’t spoil for weeks. And, don’t worry, we replace nest box bedding regularly, so you won’t get an egg covered in any extras.

Keeping an unwashed egg in the fridge will extend it’s freshness even longer. Did you know that the United States is one of the only countries that sells eggs washed and refrigerated?! Washed eggs spoil quicker and must be refrigerated, since the bloom has been taken off.

If you’d like your eggs washed, just let us know, and we will do it before we hand them over.

COMING SOON: Hatching eggs & peeps from our Rare Breed & Colorful Layer flocks.

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