8 Ways to Help your Winter Blues

The days are shorter, it’s dark, gloomy, and cold. You don’t need many more excuses to stay inside, cancel plans, and curl up on the couch in front of your phone, laptop, and TV all at once. While decreasing our screen time is huge for kicking those winter blues and getting better sleep, it isn’t always realistic for many of us. Between work, friends, and your side hustle, plus keeping up with current events, it’s hard to get off of your screens. Even though we know that we should. Here are some tips, besides reducing screen time, to help you fight off those Winter Blues and boost your mood. 

Get Outside

Strive to get outside to help regulate your circadian rhythm, calm your mind, and boost serotonin. While morning sun, prior to 10 AM is best for regulating your circadian rhythm, aim for any amount of time outdoors. Prioritize getting outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Take the dog for a walk, take some deep breaths as you get the mail, look up, face the sun, listen to the world around you. Even if it’s cloudy! 

Maintain a Sleep Schedule

While getting enough sleep is very important, albeit difficult, going to bed and waking up around the same time every day is very helpful to the body. A wonky, inconsistent sleep schedule disrupts our circadian rhythm. This disruption impacts cortisol and hormone production. 

Consider a Vitamin D Supplement

Not medical advice, speak with your doctor before adding supplements. Consider adding a Vitamin D supplement if you are not getting enough Vitamin D through your diet or sunlight. While vitamins are a great tool, there is nothing more effective or free than getting out in the sun. 

Seek Out Light

Open up those blinds! Crack them open if the weather is mild enough. Even if you are indoors, natural light will help keep your mood up. Fresh air is always good and needed during winter months when homes are often closed up tight and air quality goes down. 

Engage Your Support System

Peel yourself off the couch and schedule a coffee date with a friend or dinner with a family member. Kill two birds with one stone and go to the park or on a hike. Spending time with those we care about can boost our mood. 

Eat Well

What we eat matters. Our gut and brain are very intertwined and what we consume has an impact on our mood. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy your favorite treat, if that’s what makes you happy. Just be mindful of how you are fueling, or depleting, your body. This is especially important this time of year as most folks tend to get sick. Supporting your body with your diet is key. Food is medicine. 

Move Your Body

Do this in whatever way feels good for you! Have a dance party with your kids, wrestle and play fetch with the dog, breathe and stretch, go for a run. There’s no denying that exercise boosts our mood. 


Our sense of smell is directly connected to the emotional parts of our brain. You know how a smell can take you back to your childhood? Like that! Diffuse essential oils to calm the nervous system and create a relaxing environment in your home. Be sure that the oils you are using are high-quality and from a good source – like Young Living