Our 2021 Harvest CSA sign up window is closed for the season!

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture is a system that connects a community to it’s farmers and allows customers to subscribe to the harvest of a farm, experience the ebbs and flows of the gardening season, and receive fresh produce, meat, and other items directly from the source.
CSA shareholders receive a share, each week, of the items that are in – season and ready for harvest.
This gives customers the opportunity to learn what grows during certain times of the year, reconnect them with their local farmers, and know their food better.

May 2, 2021 - September 26, 2021
Pick up is every SUNDAY

Pick Up: The Farm Shop

12881 Sillamon Road
Goldvein, VA 22720
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Local Pickup: Bristow

Bristow Center Chipotle Parking Lot
10303 Bristow Center Drive, Bristow VA

Enjoy the variety!

We grow all the staples – cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, lettuce, rosemary, etc – so don’t worry, you won’t get anything too crazy! There are absolutely no alterations or substitutions. This is the opportunity to enjoy what the farm has to offer, at the price of buying directly from the source.

Why Our Harvest CSA?

1. It’s SUPER fresh. Right from the garden fresh. Can’t get any fresher unless you grew it yourself, fresh.
2. You know where it comes from. From the tomatoes, to the hens, to the cattle. When you come to the farm, you’ll see it all. This is the source, we are the farmers. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your food didn’t travel thousands of miles over countless days after being sprayed and treated with an arsenal of products.
3. The warm and fuzzy community feeling. When you support farmers, you close the cycle of sustainability for our community. Your money and our products stay right here, in our hometown, rotating and growing. It keeps our costs low, your costs low, and instead of padding corporate pockets, you’re supporting our dream and our growing family.
4. The price! You’re part of the farm now, so it’s time to cash in on the perks. By participating in our CSA, you get the totality of our products at the farmer’s price.
5. You learn! We’re the farmers. We live, eat, and breathe this stuff. Our success as a business depends on our knowledge of our craft and we are thrilled to share that with you!

We understand that life happens. If you can’t pick up on the scheduled Sunday pick up, we can make arrangements, in advance, for another pick up date. There are no guarantees that pick up can be rescheduled. Please note that shares are assembled on Sunday morning to ensure optimal freshness. 

Review all of the options & select any of the “Sign Up” buttons to access the sign up form below.
Once you submit the form, we will reach out, via email, with an invoice for payment.


  • 2lbs ground meat (beef, pork, sausage, lamb)
  • 1 dozen free range eggs
  • Seasonal vegetables, fruit, and culinary herbs for a family of four (4) for one week.
  • $36/week x 22 weeks = $792


  • 1lb ground meat (beef, pork, sausage, lamb)
  • 1/2 dozen free range eggs
  • Seasonal vegetables, fruit, and culinary herbs for a family of two (2) for one week.
  • $22/week x 22 weeks = $484

Optional Meat Add-Ons

Steaks, ribs, chops, bacon - all the cuts you really want.


  • $25/week in cuts x 22 weeks = $500 ($550 value)


  • $50/week in cuts x 22 weeks = $1,000 ($1,100 value)


  • $75/week in cuts x 22 weeks = $1,500 ($1,650 value)

Local Add-ons

While standard membership & specialty meat add-on costs have the option to split payment,
all local add-on options are to be paid in full, directly to the local business.

Instructions for local add-on payment will be sent following sign up.

Wild Thistle Kitchen
Specialty, hand crafted Ice cream
You know it, you love it.
1 pint of ice cream per week, $132
2 pints of ice cream per week, $220

Jackalope Ridge Microfarm & Bakehouse
Fresh bread & microgreens
1 sourdough loaf each week, one specialty loaf each month – $180
A box of fresh, mixed microgreens each week – $100

All Things Farm
Gorgeous seasonal bouquets grown locally.
1 small bouquet per week, $165
1 large bouquet per week, $330

Sunflour Bakery
Fresh baked goods & treats
8 cookies per week, $220
4 cookies per week, $110

Payment Installment Options

Standard membership and Specialty meat add-on costs can be paid in full or split 50/50, with 50% due March 1st, 2021 and 50% due July 11th, 2021.
Local add-on costs are due 100% up front by March 1st, 2021.
Failure to make payments on time will result in cancellation of CSA membership and customer will be prohibited from future CSA memberships.

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Bulk custom-cut meat at the farmer's price.

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