Easy Dehydrated Tomatoes

These easy dehydrated tomatoes are perfect for summer tomato madness. Picture this: It’s August. Your harvesting baskets are overflowing, it’s too hot to break out the pot of water to scald, too hot to lug up the canning pot, too hot to stand over the stove. I’d just about give my left arm for someone to process my tomatoes during the summer.

This recipe for dehydrated tomatoes is incredibly easy and hands off. Use or oven, or make it even easier with a dehydrator. This is my favorite homestead-scale dehydrator. This is perfect for venison jerky, fruit and veg, herbs, and more. A good dehydrator is a staple for food preservation. 

Dehydrating food takes significantly less hands-on time and can store food indefinitely. Dehydrated herbs, fruit, vegetables, and meats can be great gifts. 

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