Filling out a cut sheet is one of the most daunting pieces in the the process of buying a wholesale pig, especially if you’ve never done it. We know – this is a lot to read, but it will help answer almost all of your questions and help you fill out the cut sheet – promise! Here, we break down the cut sheet for a Hayfield Farm half hog in simple terms so you can get it filled out quickly and reserve that Butcher Date. When you’re ready, fill out the cut sheet form and pay the deposit. 

Visit our How Much Meat is in a Wholesale Hog page to read more about how much pork to expect and to see some examples of what half hog customers have received in the past, plus what they paid. 

Let’s Get Started

Open up our Half Hog Cut Sheet to follow along with this article. Getting a whole hog? Head on over to our Filling Out a Cut Sheet for a Whole Hog page. 

Working with our Processor

Our local butcher, Fauquier’s Finest, only allows a certain number of selections per section. Our butcher will only cut pork according to what is listed on the Half Hog Cut Sheet and there are no alterations. Requests beyond what is listed on the cut sheet will not be honored. The exact number of cuts or amount of pork you get depends on what your specific hog yields. Sausage selections require a 15lb minimum, please follow the directions closely. All cuts are vacuum packed and labeled.

Pick up will be directly from the processor – Fauquier’s Finest 11746 Ag Industrial Drive Bealeton VA. Please note, they are open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. We do not ship or deliver. 

Pricing + Processing Fee

We require a $250 non-refundable deposit for wholesale pork. Our wholesale pork is $2.95/lb on the hanging (carcass) weight. Our half hogs typically hang at 100lbs. Processing fees are not included since smoking, curing, sausage options, the hanging weight, weight of the meat itself, and how that meat is processed can fluctuate the processing fee greatly.

Smoking and curing is $2.50/lb on the weight of the section you choose to smoke and cure.

Sausage options range from $0.20/lb for loose seasonings all the way up to $2.50/lb for breakfast patties and links.

The processing fee is determined by the butcher upon pork completion. *We do not give estimates on processing fees before the pork is complete*.

Once your pork is complete, we will email you the details for pick up and will send over the remaining balance invoice. 

Ok, here we go!

First, fill out your contact info.

Chop Thickness: If you choose to get chop cuts in the loin selection, the butcher will follow your thickness specification here. If you’ve had our pork chops before, they are 3/4″. If you don’t want chops, check the box at the bottom: “I do not want chop”. If you want chops, be sure to select them when you get to the “Loin” section. 

Roast Weight: We recommend 3/4lb to 1lb per adult. Whole shoulders can sometimes weigh in at 10lbs or more. If you don’t want roasts, check the box at the bottom: “I do not want roasts”. If you want roasts, be sure to select them in the shoulder or ham section. 

Steak Thickness: If you choose to get any steaks cuts, the butcher will follow your selection. We recommend 3/4″ for steaks. If you don’t want steaks, check the box at the bottom. If you want steaks, be sure to select them in the shoulder, loin, or ham section. 

Bacon Thickness: Your choice! The thicker the slices, the less bacon total. If you do not want bacon *gasp* or you want the belly left in a whole slab, select that respective option. 

Ground Pork & Sausage Packaging: Your ground pork/sausage consists of all the trimmings and anything you choose to grind. Choose one option here.

Bones and Fat: Keep the dog occupied for a while or make pork stock with the bones, render down the fat into lard for a healthy bioavailable oil and flaky biscuits.

Shoulder: Grind it to add to your ground pork/sausage pile, get it into roasts for pulled pork, or try some shoulder steaks. Grinding this section AND your Ham section below gives you one additional sausage selection. 

Ham: Grind it to add to your ground pork/sausage pile. Ham roasts will follow the Roast Weight you selected above. Bone in ham steaks and center cut ham steaks can be prepared any way, we prefer fresh. Half hams are approximately 10-12lbs each and ready for your holiday table. Smoked and uncured means no nitrates or nitrites, it’s a brown sugar and sea salt cure instead. Grinding this section AND your Shoulder section above gives you one additional sausage selection. 

Loin: You can choose to grind this, leave it as a roast, cut it into bone-in or boneless chops. If you choose a boneless roast or boneless chop option, you will get the baby back rib and tenderloin. If you choose a bone-in roast or bone-in chop option, the baby back rib and tenderloin will be attached to your cuts. 

Rib: The rib rack. Choose one option.

Pork Belly: BACON! Leave it as a whole slab or get it sliced according to your desired thickness above. You can leave it fresh, have it cured and smoked, or have it smoked with no nitrates or nitrites – it’s a brown sugar and sea salt cure instead. Don’t you dare grind this! 

Sausage Selections: Sausage is made from the trimmings and anything you chose to grind. The butcher requires a 15lb minimum to make sausage. If you did not grind anything, there is a good chance you will be under that 15lb minimum and the butcher automatically keeps your trimmings as ground pork – still delicious! Here are the rules: 
1. If you did not choose to grind anything, choose only one sausage option. 
2. If you chose to grind only the shoulder, only the ham, only the loin, or only the rib. Choose only one sausage option. 
3. If you chose to grind the shoulder AND the ham, choose two sausage options. 

Done! Prove you’re not a robot and hit submit. Wait a few seconds to be automatically redirected to pay the deposit. 

If you need to make a change after submission, please fill out another cut sheet and contact us to let us know. 

Once we have your cut sheet and deposit, you are booked for our next available butcher date! Check out Wholesale Page for our next available butcher dates. 

Please remember, pork takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete from your butcher date, you will be contacted as soon as it is complete and ready for pick up.