Whole Cow Cut Sheet

Here, we break down the cut sheet for a whole cow in simple terms so you can get it filled out quickly and reserve that Butcher Date.
When you’re ready to get started – fill out the Whole Beef Cut Sheet. Helpful tip – pull this page and the cut sheet up at the same time.

Want information about the butcher date, pricing, and timeline? Visit our full guide on the process.
Want info on how much meat to expect, how much freezer space you’ll need, and more? Visit the Resources section on our Beef Page.

Prefer a half cow? The cut sheets are different. Head on over to our Filling Out a Cut Sheet for a Half Cow.  

Ok, here we go!

First, fill out the boxes with your contact information.

Steak Thickness: Totally your preference. If you’ve had our steaks before, we do 1 inch. The thicker your steaks are, the less steaks you will have. The thinner your steaks are, the more steaks you will have. The butcher will cut all steaks to your selected thickness.

Roast Weight: A good rule of thumb is 3/4lb-1lb of meat per adult.

Ground Beef: Your preference on how large you would like your ground beef packs.
Your ground beef consists of any trimmings and any section you choose to “Grind”. The “Grind” selection in each section of your cut sheet means that the meat from that section goes into your bulk ground beef pile and is ground together. Ground Chuck, Ground Sirloin, and Ground Round mean that the butcher takes that section, grinds the meat, and packages/labels it separately from your Ground Beef. Our cattle typically yield a 90/10 ground beef lean to fat ratio. If you choose to grind fatty sections, like the chuck or ribs, your fat percentage will increase. If you choose to grind lean sections, like the round, your fat percentage will decrease.

Ground Beef Patties

25 pounds maximum. Select your preferred patty size and how many pounds total you would like in patties. If you have had our ground beef patties before, we do 1/4lb patties and they come four to a pack. The patties have butcher paper in between.

Stew Meat

Stew Meat in this section (it will appear again in another section later) is the trimmings of the beef that are just a little too good to go with your bulk ground beef. Stew Meat is small hunks of meat packaged in ~1lb packs.

Beef Fat

3-4lb packages. Mix in with venison or render it down for tallow.


2-4 bones per package. Select “Yes” if you would like all bones. If you would like just marrow bones, select “Yes” and make a note at the bottom of the cut sheet that says “marrow bones only”.

Front Quarter – Brisket

From the chest section. There is only one brisket per half cow. If it is trimmed, the butcher will take all of the fat off, leaving you with a whole trimmed brisket at 5-6 pounds. If it is untrimmed, the butcher will take off the large hump of fat connected to this cut, but leave the rest of the fat intact. A whole untrimmed brisket weighs about 12-14 pounds. Our briskets in the Farm Shop are cut in half, untrimmed. If you plan to smoke your briskets, leave it untrimmed. Two selections allowed.

Front Quarter – Rib Plate

The rib cage. 2-inch short ribs are standard beef ribs and come four ribs to a package. Korean style ribs are thin cross-cut short ribs. A whole rib plate is about 10-12lbs. Grinding this section will make the fat percentage on your ground beef go up. Two selections allowed.

Front Quarter – Rib

A bone-in rib roast is prime rib. On a half beef, there will be one four-bone rib roast and one three-bone rib roast or you can c. You can also choose bone-in rib steaks (bone-in ribeye) or boneless ribeyes, aka Delmonicos. Two selections allowed.

Front Quarter – Shank

This section is from the knee to the ankle; the shin. Osso Bucco is the shank cut horizontal in 1.5″ discs, with the bone in the middle and the meat around it. Soup bones are cut the same way, but in 1″ discs. A whole shank is approximately 7-8 pounds. Two selections allowed.

Front Quarter – Chuck

The shoulder; fatty and flavorful. Ground Chuck is where the butcher grinds the chuck section and packages it separately. Ground Chuck has more fat in the lean to fat ratio, closer to 80/20, and is perfect for forming meatballs, meatloaf, or your own patties. Two selections allowed.

Front Quarter – Boneless Chuck Steaks

Choose as many of these as you’d like. This is a separate section from the chuck. Ranch and Denver steaks are heavily marbled, very small steaks. Flat irons are thin and tender. Chuck eyes are about the size of a NY strip but have the fat distribution similar to a ribeye – one of the most underrated cuts. Our recommendation is to get all of them!

Hind Quarter – Flank

There is only one flank per half a cow. Great to marinate and throw on the grill. Two selections allowed.

Hind Quarter – Short Loin

Everyone’s favorite. The only wrong choice is to grind it. Two selections allowed.

Hind Quarter – Sirloin

Ground Sirloin is where the butcher grinds the sirloin section and packages it separately. Ground Sirloin is lean and has a lean to fat ratio closer to 95/5. Bone-in sirloin steaks can weigh over a pound. If you’ve ever had our sirloin strips, they are the petite top strip. Two selections allowed.

Hind Quarter – Eye Round

A lean, tougher section. Great for low and slow recipes. There is only one eye round roast per half beef. Kabob meat is hunks of meat packaged in roughly one pound packages, similar to stew meat. Two selections allowed.

Hind Quarter – Top Round

Customers choose round round for a leaner ground beef option. Shaved beef is thinly sliced, perfect for cheesesteaks or stir fry. Fajita meat is thinly sliced strips for, you guessed it, fajitas! Two selections allowed.

Hind Quarter – Bottom Round

Similar options to the top round, but you can choose kabob meat or cube steak. Two selections allowed.

Hind Quarter – Sirloin Tip

Small section, which is closest section of the hind quarter to the center. Usually two or so roasts per half. Sirloin tip steaks are larger, leaner steaks. Two selections allowed.

Hind Quarter – Tri Tip

Only one tri tip per half cow. Very marbled, great for the grill. Two selections allowed.


You may choose as many of these as you’d like. We always recommend keeping the skirt and hanging tender, as they are great steak cuts. Keep the rest if you are an adventurous cook, have neighbors that will take it, or for your favorite pooch!

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