Filling out a cut sheet is one of the most daunting pieces in the the process of buying a whole pig. Here, we break down the cut sheet for a Hayfield Farm whole hog in simple terms so you can get it filled out quickly and reserve that Butcher Date on our Wholesale page.

Open up our Whole Hog Cut Sheet to follow along with this article. Getting a half hog? Head on over to our Filling Out a Cut Sheet for a Half Hog page. There are a few differences!

There are a few things to keep in mind with the Whole Hog Cut Sheet. Our butcher, Fauquier’s Finest, only allows a certain number of selections per section. On the left hand column, you can find how many selections are allowed in that section. Our butcher will only cut pork according to what is listed on the Whole Hog Cut Sheet. Requests beyond what is listed on the cut sheet will not be honored. Secondly, the number of cuts or amount of pork you get depends on what your specific hog yields. Visit our How Much Meat is in a Whole Hog page to read more about what to expect and to see some examples of what whole hog customers have received in the past.

Ok, here we go!

First, fill out the box in the top left corner with your name and the best phone number to reach you by phone or text.

Steak Thickness: If you choose to get any steaks cuts, the butcher will follow your selection. We recommend 3/4″ for steaks.

Roast Weight: We recommend 3/4lb to 1lb per adults. Whole shoulders can sometimes weigh in at 10lbs or more.

Chop Thickness: If you choose to get any chop cuts, the butcher will follow your selection. If you’ve had our pork chops before, they are 3/4″.

Ground Pork & Sausage Packaging: Your ground pork/sausage consists of all the trimmings and anything you choose to grind. Choose one option.

Shoulder: Select one option for each shoulder section. The Boston Butt is the top of the shoulder. The Picnic Roast is the bottom of the shoulder and part of the shank. If you choose to grind one or both sections of the shoulder, your ground pork/sausage amount goes up.

Hind Leg: Of all the options listed in Section 4 and in this paragraph, choose up to two. If you choose to grind all or half of the hind leg, this will make your ground pork/sausage amount go up. If you choose to keep half or all of the hind leg as cuts, you can get it cut into several options. Whole hams are your typical ham, they are bone-in. The butcher does not spiral cut hams. Ham roasts will follow along with what you selected for your roast weight. Ham steaks will follow along with your steak thickness selection and will be bone in. Ham center steaks are boneless and will follow your steak thickness selection. Ham ends are what is leftover after the butcher cuts out the ham roasts or ham steaks, they can be left whole or ground. Ham hocks are great to add into a pot of beans or soup.

Roasts & Chops: This section is known as the loin. You can choose to grind this, leave it as a roast, cut it into chops, or cut it into canadian bacon. If you choose a boneless roast or boneless chop option, you will get the baby back rib and tenderloin. If you choose a bone-in roast or bone-in chop option, the baby back rib and tenderloin will be attached to your cuts. Choose up to two options.

Rib: The rib rack. Choose two options.

Sidemeat: BACON! Leave it as a whole slab or get it sliced according to your desired thickness. You can leave it fresh, have it cured and smoked, or have it smoked with no nitrates. Choose up to two options.

Organs: Choose as many as you’d like.

Sausage Selections: The left column shows the type of sausage, with the price. The rest is the flavor options for each sausage type. For a whole hog, choose two sausage options. Sausage is made in 15 pound increments.

Once you have completed the cut sheet, email it to us at
[email protected]
Your butcher date is reserved once we receive your
$250.00 non-refundable deposit and your completed cut sheet.