How Much Freezer Space Do I Need For a Half Cow? 

When determining how much freezer space you’ll need for your half cow, please note that the amount of beef you will get from a half or whole cow or pig varies from farm to farm. Please do not use these calculations for other farm’s beef unless you know the hanging weight/finish weight will be similar.

If you select to receive all of the bones, fat, and organs in your half beef, you should anticipate needing more than the recommended amount of space below. 

Half Cow Freezer and Cooler Space

The beef from a half cow from Hayfield Farm fills approximately 300 quarts of cooler space 10 cubic feet of freezer space , minimum. 

Whole Cow Freezer and Cooler Space

The beef from a whole cow from Hayfield Farm fills approximately 600 quarts of cooler space or 20 cubic feet of freezer space, minimum

A Few More Tips

  1. It is much better to have more space and not need it, than to need it and not have it. 
  2. Life is much easier if you have your freezer space cleared out before you pick up your beef.
  3. Keep your inventory sheet on the door and mark off items as you go. That way, you’ll know which cuts you have left and you can make notes to know what you liked and didn’t like for your next half beef. 
  4. Keep in mind that the recommended space above are round numbers to make determining how much cooler and freezer space you need easy!

Snag your half or whole beef or check out articles for everything you need to know about purchasing bulk beef on our Beef Page!