Homemade Garlic Salve

It’s only been in recent years that modern pharmaceuticals have been the only avenue for healing. Garlic was actually the preferred method to treat bacterial and viral infections up until the wave of vaccinations and medications. This homemade garlic salve will be a staple during cold season. 

Garlic (specifically the compound allicin) is an incredible healer of the lungs and respiratory system. And, since it’s from nature, this homemade garlic salve is safe to use on everyone in your family – from babies to the elderly. 

Here is our go-to recipe for this homemade garlic salve. Use lard or coconut oil depending on what you have on hand and your family’s sensitivities. Make it before the sickies hit so you have it on hand. Salve lasts four weeks or until completely used. Store in pantry or fridge for a longer shelf life. 

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