Update 4/14/20: We will be transitioning to Contactless Pickup beginning with orders on 4/14/20. Our order process will stay the same and you will still pickup the order after arranging your pick up time with us. We will place your finished order into one of our coolers and you then pick it up. Simple and safe.

In order to ensure the health and safety of our customers and ourselves, effective immediately, we are offering online ordering with curbside pick up only.
All of our meats, eggs, canned goods, and other items are in our online shop. We will only be filling orders during our open hours.

How Curbside Pickup Works:

1. You select the items you want and place them in your cart. For meat items, the number you select equals the number of cuts you would like. The price listed is the price per pound.
For example, if you choose two New York Strips, you will get two New York Strip steaks. You will not get two pounds of New York Strip steak. Some cuts weigh more than a pound and some cuts weigh less than a pound, some cuts are packaged individually and some are packaged in two or more. Please see the descriptions of each cut to learn how they are packaged and approximately how much they weigh.
2. Submit your order and wait. The invoice you initially receive is not your final invoice or your correct total. Please do not pay this initial invoice. This is just the way our online ordering system tells us what you’d like to order.
3. We receive your order and select your items from the freezer or from the shelf. We record the weight of your meat cuts and do the math according to the price per pound.
4. We email you back your correct invoice that has everything you ordered, including your meat cuts with the correct weights and prices. The invoice email will ask to schedule your curbside pick up. This invoice email will also allow you to pay online by credit card. We are only accepting credit card payments via online invoice at this time.
5. We arrange pick up with you directly, via email. Please be sure to reach out to us to schedule pick up. We will not put orders into the cooler until we have a schedule day and time for pick up. You come to the farm shop, located at 12881 Sillamon Rd Goldvein VA 22720. Pass the house and drive down to the third bay of the garage, where our farm shop is located. There will be a cooler in front of the shop, open the cooler and find the items with your name on them.
6. You drive away with a bag filled with Hayfield Farm meats and goodies for yourself and your family. We will all get through this together.
As always, we are here, day or night to answer your questions and provide help along the way.
Dylan and Erica