Natural Laundry Boost

Going the natural route for your laundry doesn’t meant you have to sacrifice on having a nice fresh scent. Trust me, after Dylan cleans out the pig pen (or leaves his bottle of elk estrus in his hunting pants, IYKYK) – we need a little (a lot) help in the scent department. Plus, kids, exercising – you get it.

We aren’t short on reasons to have a laundry scent boost. Plus, we can trust that it isn’t filled with chemicals and synthetic fragrance that will disrupt our hormones and cause skin and respiratory irritation. And, most importantly, safe for my bebe. 

The Switch

One of the things that pushed me over the edge into low-tox living and questioning the products and foods I was putting in and on my body was laundry detergent. When I was early postpartum, I started to develop an incredibly itchy rash on my legs, waistline, and arms.

If you’re a mama, you know how physically challenging those first few weeks are already. Add the lack of sleep, cracked and sore nips, sweaty, in a diaper, changing diapers – oh, and trying to keep a new human alive. Add a rash that made you want to rip your skin off. I mean, off, y’all. And rashes can be so mysterious. Was it internal? Was it external? It took finally realizing that the rash was the most dense on contact areas where my clothes hit.

That’s when I realized. The laundry detergent. I just bought the Oxyclean baby brand that was rated pretty well on EWG. That was it. The shoddy synthetic fragrances. Curses! 

I threw it all away and completely switched everything to Young Living’s Thieves cleaning line – it was the cleanest stuff I could find. The rash went away almost immediately. I was skeptical with how effective it would actually be. The liquid laundry detergent is great – super concentrated, lasts forever. I split the bottle of liquid detergent into three one-liter bottles, fill the rest with water, add some oils, and done. With the farm and baby, I knew I needed a little extra boost in our laundry. I’d read articles about Borax that I wasn’t quite sold on and I wasn’t sure on washing soda. 

In comes this natural laundry scent boost. My favorite oils to add are eucalyptus, lemon, or lavender. 

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