Infused All Purpose Cleaner

This infused all purpose cleaner is easy to make, non-toxic, with no essential oils, artificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals. It’s pretty much free of all the things you don’t want to clean with, especially when you have babies roaming around the house. This is great for a quick wipe on the bathroom counters, toys, your car, the changing pad. Just don’t use it on marble or hardwood – orange and vinegar can be finicky when it comes to those surfaces. 

Is this my mega-deep clean, dog had an accident, baby had a blow-out go-to cleaner? No. This is my everyday, de-funkify, give the countertops and high chair a quick wipe and move on type of spray. Vinegar is a surprisingly effective cleaner. Plus! Put those rinds to good use. 

Instead of orange peels, swap them out for limes or lemons for a fresh fun scent. Love using essential oils? Feel free to add a few drops in when you are mixing this in the spray bottle. 

When you’ve mixed your cleaner, throw the rinds to the chickens or pigs or add them to the compost pile for a no waste cleaner. 

These are my favorite amber glass spray bottles

Orange-Infused All Purpose Cleaner

Orange-Infused All Purpose Cleaner

Yield: Quart jar


  • Glass Quart jar and lid
  • Orange peels 6-8, depending on size
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Well-filtered or distilled water
  • 16oz Spray bottle


  1. Add orange peels to your quart jar as you use them
  2. Once the jar is full of peels, add vinegar to cover the peels
  3. Let sit on counter and steep for 10-14 days, with lid on.
  4. When it's ready, remove the peels, fill your spray bottle with 8oz of water and 8oz of the vinegar.


Use on counters, toys, bathrooms, highchairs, and more.

Swap the orange peels for lemon peels!