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Hayfield Farm has been family owned and operated for 22 years. We focus on top-notch care for our livestock and providing quality products to our local community. Thank you for your support.

In 1930, when the Butler’s settled in Fauquier County, Virginia, they came as dairy and beef cattle farmers. Eventually, each Butler family chose to raise either exclusively beef cattle or dairy cattle. In 1997, my parents, Chuck and Tina, purchased Hayfield Farm, which is located in the southern end of Fauquier County, Virginia. For our first Christmas at the farm, my cousin gave us five angus cross cattle. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, my sister, Jacklyn, and I participated in Fauquier’s 4-H Livestock Club where we raised, trained, groomed, and showed the five original cattle, as well as pigs and lambs.

"Hard working local folks providing safe delicious beef...I've know Dylan since he was born, watched him grow up in 4-H raising cattle and pork, he is always on the move. Hard working man, working for you, providing quality food."

– Briget Eileen Kane

Maintaining Strong Ties Within Our Community

In the following years, we began adding more cows and started raising our own calves on the farm. In high school, I joined Future Farmers of America (FFA) and traveled to Virginia Tech to work with the Animal Sciences group and participate in the Stockman’s Contests. My parents encouraged us to stay active and maintain strong ties within our community as we grew up. Today, we continue to support the Fauquier’s 4-H Livestock Club and Future Farmers of America by participating in 4-H’s Show and Sale and inviting local 4-H high schoolers to come out and work our cows alongside us, among many other events. We have deeply embedded ourselves in the Fauquier and Stafford County livestock communities and are committed to continuing to support and provide for our local families.

Providing Quality and Farm Fresh Meats to Our Community

Hayfield Farm has expanded to provide quality, farm fresh, all natural beef, pork, lamb, and eggs to the local community. We are proud to serve the community that our family has long ties with and look forward to passing these values and traditions down to our future family. Thank you for supporting a local, family-owned business.

Dylan Butler, Owner

Free to Roam

Our cattle are free to roam acres and acres of pasture all day long. When beef steers are ready to be finished, they are given grain that is mixed, by us, here on the farm. This grain is custom-mixed using local ingredients and ingredients made on the farm. We practice rotational grazing methods to keep cattle on fresh pasture and regenerate our soil. We go above and beyond to keep our cattle happy and healthy. Our entire business depends on their well-being and we love them. We do what is right by them and make sure we are doing everything we can to give them the best quality of life. 

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Fresh Quality Meats

Choose from our quality beef products including t-bone, Delmonico ribeye, and our snack sticks to our mouth watering pork chops.

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