Chuck Eye Steak


$9.99/lb. Chuck eye steaks are approximately 1/2lb to 3/4lb. Exact weights vary. Tons of flavor, similar to ribeye. From the shoulder section.

If you would like one chuck eye steak, select one. If you would like two chuck eye steaks, select two.

All Hayfield Farm meat cuts are vacuum sealed with commercial grade packaging, flash frozen, and labeled with the name of the cut and weight, per USDA standards.

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Our cattle are free to roam acres and acres of pasture all day long. Cattle are given the option to freely access a grain feeder, all day long, which follows them throughout their rotation from field to field. By allowing our cattle to supplement their foraging as they wish, we have no need to confine them to a production-style feed lot to meet our product demands.

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USDA-Grade Butcher

Our butcher shop is USDA-inspected and they are just plain friendly. They are top-notch and hold themselves to a high standard of quality. They go above and beyond the guidelines set out by USDA to ensure that every cut is done right.

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