The Farmer’s Wife Half Beef Cut Sheet

Erica’s Top Picks

“A variety of cuts that you can put to work in the kitchen and get some great meals on the table.”

Steaks cut at 1 inch
Roasts cut at 3-4 pounds
Ground beef packed in one pound packs
No burger patties
Stew Meat
Beef Fat – for homemade tallow & to mix with venison
Beef Bones, marrow only – for homemade bone broth
Half Brisket, untrimmed
Korean Style Ribs
Osso Bucco
Boneless Ribeye
Bone-in Chuck Roast
Ranch Steaks, Flat Irons, Chuck Eyes, and Denvers
Whole Flank
Filet & NY Strips
Boneless Petite Top Strip
Eye Round – Roast, cut in half
Top Round – London Broil
Bottom Round – Shaved Beef
Sirloin Tip Steak
Whole Tri Tip
Liver, Ox Tail, Skirt & Hanging Tender