Two pick ups per month

Pick up on the 1st + 3rd Sunday of each month

Two pick up location options: Farm Shop + Vint Hill

Once you sign up, your first pick up is the following 1st Sunday.
For example, if you sign up on any day in May, your first pick up will be the 1st Sunday in June.


Members are billed on the 15th of every month. This is payment for the following month.
For example, you will be billed on May 15th for June’s pick ups.

If you sign up on the 16th or later, you will be billed immediately. For the following months, you will be billed on the 15th.

The Perks

10% off online orders of individual cuts

Cancel at anytime by emailing us

Exclusive members-only cuts

One “pass” item

Hayfield Farm cooler bag 

The Rules

Pick up at your location and time frame is required

Alternative options for pick up available if arrangements are made in advance

Missed pick ups are forfeited

If your payment is not made by the last day of the month, your membership will be cancelled.
For example, you are billed on May 15th and do not pay by 11:59pm on May 31st, your membership is then cancelled.

Once payment is made, there are no refunds.


The Cow Poke

$325.00 per month, plus tax

4 lbs ground meat

1 roast

$75+ in specialty cuts

The Top Hand

$550.00 per month, plus tax

8 lbs ground meat

2 roasts

$150+ in specialty cuts

Cut Types

Ground Meat: ground beef, ground chuck, ground brisket, loose sausage, ground pork
Roasts: chuck roast, round roast, boston butt, loin roast, ribs, whole chicken
Specialty Cuts: steaks, bacon, chops, shaved beef, breakfast sausages, stew meat, sausage grillers, chicken breasts, thighs, + wings

Examples of One Pick Up

Please remember, this is only an example and there are two pick ups per month.
The cuts included in each pick up will vary to provide members a variety each pick up.

Cow Poke

Two packs ground beef, one pack ground pork, one pack sage sausage, one bone-in chuck roast,
two NY strips, one pack bacon, two chicken breasts, two pork chops, one pack pork belly bites

Top Hand

Two packs ground beef, two packs ground pork, one pack ground chuck, one pack ground brisket, one pack sage sausage,
one pack sweet italian sausage, one bone-in chuck roast, one whole chicken, two NY strips, two ribeyes, two packs bacon,
two chicken breasts, two pork chops, two chicken thighs, two packs sausage brats