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Our Yorkshire pigs are kept in a large open pen with plenty of room to root, squeal, wade in the pond, and take naps in the sunshine – away from predators. Our pigs are on a self feeder which contains a grain mixture of corn, barley, wheat, mineral, and soy bean meal. The feeder is with them in their pen so they are able to eat grain, as they please. They also get plenty of kitchen scraps and spare produce from the garden.


Ham: $7.99/lb

Bacon – cured, no nitrates: $9.99/lb

Ground WHOLE HOG Sausage – Original/Breakfast Flavor OR Hot Italian: $7.99/lb.

Boneless Chops: $8.99/lb

Boston Butt & Picnic Roasts (Great for Pulled Pork!): $6.99/lb

Spare Ribs: $5.99/lb

We are currently offering SMOKER PIGS for your BBQ Cookout! Our Smoker Pigs are $1.50/lb live weight. You are able to buy the hog live, if you wish. Otherwise, charge $150 to clean and prep it for your smoker, ready to go. Smoker pigs are picked up at Hayfield Farm.

Whole/Half Pork
4 Steps to ordering wholesale

1. Contact us! Feel free to shoot us an email or Facebook message, give us a call, send a carrier pigeon, or put up some smoke signals- whatever works for you! Let us know what you are looking for (whole, half, or smoker pig) and we will, first, answer any questions you have. We’ll then provide you with a cut sheet where we can chat about your options for cuts, curing, smoking, nitrates, seasoning, time frames, and what you’ll need.

Your cuts will come individually vacuum-packed, labeled, and frozen for your convenience.

2. Fill out your cut sheet and turn it into us along with the $150 deposit* required for whole and half pork.

3. Your pig will go to the market,  where the folks at Fauquier’s Finest will do what they do best. We will promptly contact you to notify you of the hanging weight and the amount due. At this time, 2.65$ per pound of the hanging weight is due.

-Our pigs generally have a hanging weight of 90-100 lbs per half & 180-200 lbs per whole-

4. Then! Depending on your curing or smoking options, the pig will be done in 7-14 days and we will call you when your pork is ready. Grab some coolers and head down to Bealeton where you will pay Fauquier’s Finest a butcher fee, directly. This fee is approximately 125$ for a half pig, 250$ for a whole pig and is determined by the butcher. Once you are settled up, you load up your meat and enjoy feeding quality, delicious, all-natural pork to your family!

For example: You want to order a whole pig. You reach out to us, your cut sheet is ready and you turn it in to us with the 150$ deposit. Shortly after, we call to tell you that your whole pig is ready to be made into delicious pork chops and bacon and it’s hanging weight is 180 pounds. We charge 2.65$ per pound of hanging weight, which puts the cost of the pig to 477$. You subtract 150$ (your deposit) which puts the remaining balance at 327$. This remaining balance is due prior to you picking up your meat. In less than two weeks we call to let you know your pork is ready for you! You head on down to Fauquier’s Finest and pay the butcher’s fee to Fauquier’s Finest directly, which is generally 250$ for a whole pig. For this example, the grand total for your whole pig is 727$.