NOTE: OUR WINTER CSA SIGN UP WINDOW IS CLOSED – Keep an eye out in January for our Harvest CSA sign up!

We are happy to launch our 2020-2021 Winter CSA!

Most of our customers want the great deal of buying a whole or half cow without filling their freezer with cuts they don’t know what to do with or hundreds of pounds of ground beef. Customers also aren’t thrilled about being committed and allocating their freezer real estate to one protein.
By joining our Winter CSA, customers are able to get all those great steaks and pork chops, ground beef and sausage, roasts, and BACON!!! What’s not to love?
Pickups are biweekly, skipping major holidays. New this year, we are offering local pick up options in Warrenton and Bristow, in addition to pick up at the farm. We have three options for shares so that our customers can choose the best option for their family.
New this year, we are offering free range egg and Wild Thistle Kitchen ice cream add-on options.

Winter CSA shareholders get first dibs on our Christmas hams and Bone-In Prime Rib before we release them to the public.

Having delicious local meat already on hand makes whipping up meals a breeze. Grab some ground beef for Taco Tuesday, steaks or chops for a fancy Friday night in, or throw a roast in the crock Sunday morning while you are cooking up delicious thick cut bacon for breakfast. In-laws coming into town? Coming to the farm to pick up gives you the opportunity to pick up extra cuts for special occasions or shareholders can order additional items online for pick up when they get their share.

What we love the most about our CSAs is that they give us the chance to really get to know our customers. In turn, they get to know us and what we do here on the farm. Getting people out to the farm to breathe the fresh air, see the cows, ask us questions, and watch their children’s faces light up as they grab an egg from the nest box. Now, more than ever, food security is critical. With limited inventory in grocery stores and fluctuating prices, you can rest easy as a shareholder. Our Winter CSA gives shareholders peace of mind knowing their family will have proteins for their meals at a price that won’t change, but they also don’t need to invest in a large chest freezer that are difficult to come by these days.

New this year to our Winter CSA, we are offering the option for shareholders to pay in two installments, which provides relief for families.