2020-2021 Winter CSA

NOTE: OUR WINTER CSA SIGN UP WINDOW IS CLOSED - Keep an eye out in January for our Harvest CSA sign up!

We are happy to launch our 2020-2021 Winter CSA!

Most of our customers want the great deal of buying a whole or half cow without filling their freezer with cuts they don't know what to do with or hundreds of pounds of ground beef. Customers also aren't thrilled about being committed and allocating their freezer real estate to one protein.
By joining our Winter CSA, customers are able to get all those great steaks and pork chops, ground beef and sausage, roasts, and BACON!!! What’s not to love?
Pickups are biweekly, skipping major holidays. New this year, we are offering local pick up options in Warrenton and Bristow, in addition to pick up at the farm. We have three options for shares so that our customers can choose the best option for their family.
New this year, we are offering free range egg and Wild Thistle Kitchen ice cream add-on options.

Winter CSA shareholders get first dibs on our Christmas hams and Bone-In Prime Rib before we release them to the public.

Having delicious local meat already on hand makes whipping up meals a breeze. Grab some ground beef for Taco Tuesday, steaks or chops for a fancy Friday night in, or throw a roast in the crock Sunday morning while you are cooking up delicious thick cut bacon for breakfast. In-laws coming into town? Coming to the farm to pick up gives you the opportunity to pick up extra cuts for special occasions or shareholders can order additional items online for pick up when they get their share.

What we love the most about our CSAs is that they give us the chance to really get to know our customers. In turn, they get to know us and what we do here on the farm. Getting people out to the farm to breathe the fresh air, see the cows, ask us questions, and watch their children’s faces light up as they grab an egg from the nest box. Now, more than ever, food security is critical. With limited inventory in grocery stores and fluctuating prices, you can rest easy as a shareholder. Our Winter CSA gives shareholders peace of mind knowing their family will have proteins for their meals at a price that won't change, but they also don't need to invest in a large chest freezer that are difficult to come by these days.

New this year to our Winter CSA, we are offering the option for shareholders to pay in two installments, which provides relief for families.


Brand New Website

Hey y’all! Welcome to our new and improved website! Isn’t is gorgeous? We can’t take any credit. Our incredible Web Developer, Colby, did all the work. If y’all need someone to design a website that is clean, easy to navigate, and beautiful – Colby is your guy.

The new website gives you a peek at who we are and what we do. You can read up on our feed management program, see pictures of goofy preteen Dylan showing cattle and hogs, buy some steaks, or get information about our CSA! We are growing and with the support of YOU, our amazing community, we’ve been able to continue to expand. We REALLY appreciate it!

Our greatest addition to the website is our order system! Click your way through our items, add them to your cart, and submit your order. This will give you a total based on the price per pound of each cut. While some cuts weigh more than a pound, others weigh less. Once we get your order form, we will hand pick your cuts, get the correct weights and adjust your total. You’ll get an email letting you know your correct total and offer a way to pay online. Once you get your correct total, respond to the email or give us a call or text to let us know some dates and times you are available to come on by for pick up. We accept cash, check, or card upon pick up.

We so appreciate the support from you. Hayfield Farm was passed down to Dylan from his parents and our plan is to pass it down to our own future children. Thank you for being a part of that!


Contact us!

One of the perks of working with a small business is that you deal with real people. Thank you so much for taking the time to support us! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

Our products are sold by the package. If you would like one steak, enter "1"; if you would like two roasts, select "2". Refer to the item description.


Final Invoice

ALWAYS use promo code: "PREORDER" at check out. Do not enter your card info. Once we prepare your order, we will send your final invoice via email with a link to pay.

Pick up at the farm, during our open hours or pick up hours, or choose our local pick up option in Bristow!

Pick Up Options

Ordering Information

Ready to order from Hayfield Farm? View information pertaining to our order process and how to order. If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us or contact us.

Ordering InfoContact Us

Our online shop is broken into several categories for your convenience. We have everything broken into categories based on individual cut, wholesale, and smoker (when applicable).

All of our fresh meat products are sold as "each." Meaning that if you add one ribeye steak to your order, we take that as you want one ribeye steak. For ground meats (beef, lamb, pork, etc.), they are also sold in 1 (one) pound increments.

Final Invoice

Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Please notify us in the order notes when you would like to come by for pick up during our pick up hours. Once we receive your order, we gather your cuts and fill your final invoice based on the price per pound. We will then send you a final invoice for payment.

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Taking On The Family Business

I grew up going to auctions. Livestock auctions, equipment auctions; whatever was going on, my Dad and I were there. I’ve been around livestock and farming my entire life. In 1997, my parents bought Hayfield Farm so that my sister and I could get involved in 4-H and raise animals for show and sale. The 4-H program teaches you the characteristics of high quality livestock, as well as the signs of poor livestock. As part of the 4-H judging board, I would assess a number of livestock, grade them, articulate their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss what this means as far as the quality of their meat. 

My Dad loved cow and calf pairs and we still raise them today. Countless calves have been born and raised here on the property. You learn a lot about your commitment to your craft when you are covered head to toe in mud, trying to wrestle a stubborn calf to get it to take a bottle. After high school and 4-H, I continued to raise and feed steers on my own. I began studying the market and using what I’d learned to select quality animals at auction to begin expanding the farm.

I don’t think that my Dad ever planned for the farm to get to the scale of where it is now. We sold wholesale beef to friends and family, but we never talked about retail cuts, a website, restaurant partnerships, or farmer’s markets. My parents did it to raise us with the lessons you learn from raising and caring for animals.

A few years ago, Erica came along, and she really pushed to expand and make Hayfield Farm what it is now. She has a passion for learning and teaching people about farming, raising animals, and what quality practices can do for the products that show up on the dinner table. There is a lot of confusion surrounding agriculture, especially when it comes to meats and animals. Through transparency and education, she gets our customers involved in what they are eating and learning so that they can make the right decisions for themselves and their families. 

We are lucky to live in a community that is so invested in the local businesses around them and goes the extra mile to show their support. We hope to continue to grow, get people the quality, nutritious products that they want, and continue to be involved in our community. Continuing on what was passed down from my parents is very important to both of us; it’s become our entire life and it’s something that we want to continue to grow with our family and pass down to our future kids. 

-Dylan Butler

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Keep up with Hayfield Farm! Updates on specials and memberships, product notification, and upcoming events.
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